“Essential” Christian Testimony

What is Christian Testimony Good For?

My invitation to you that may one day aide in beginning to answer these questions, and many more that follow, is to see the books of the Bible as testimonies themselves.

The books presented to us in the Bible hold countless testimony of the experiences real people had during their lives – ranging from and including all of what they had seen, felt, and had came to understand. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Soloman, Paul, Isaiah all walked the Earth before us, and their Holy stories were shared that we might have the Bible before us to relate to, learn from, and eventually guide our lives as Christians.

When we read through the Scriptures, full of these documented experiences, we learn that these accounts included an encounter of the Holy Trinity; whether it be Jesus, God the Father, or the Holy Spirit. God had very obviously done some extremely grand things in their lives for them to give their names to His cause; He had provided Miracles worth sharing.

What does that have to do with me?

I’m willing to believe your own personal faith has been, will be, or is often solidified by miracles that God works into your life.

The undeniable parallel of your own account to those of the Bible are where the power often lays when someone has the ears to listen to a believer’s encounter with God.

Why share my testimony?

When we share our testimonies, we give reason to those around us in need of the True definition of hope! We do this sharing from the belly of our own hope, guided by the love Jesus taught us to have for others, that others may one day open the Book of Life and realize the soundness it holds to their own lives within it.

We share that our loved ones might learn of the answers God gives, that they might find their own the mysteries solved. We share that they might learn REAL love, hope, peace, healing, wisdom; that they may learn how to find those things, and so much more. We share because we love them deeply, and that they might learn the undeniable, underlying, ever-present Truth; God Himself.

Why does my testimony matter?

The first Google search regarding how many Christians there are (documented) in the world as of 2020 shows an astounding 2.3 billion people who have identified as believing in Jesus. That is nearly 30% of the world (a Biblical number of wholeness, completion, and perfection)!

If each of us were to share our own testimonies of what we know to be of Truth: what God has done in our lives, how we came to know Jesus, and the power of the living Spirit, how many more might be able to learn the goodness of The Creator because they’re astounded by what has happened in your life? How many more would one day see that the miracles in their lives – ginormous, tiny, and everything in between – are of divinity? How many of the people you love dearly would gain yet another chance to learn what our God that is, and was, and is to come can do for them?

2020 years ago a person lived named Jesus that had sown such a life that over 27 books were written because of the impact the existence of this one life had on them.

What miracles have happened in your life that can only be of God?

What is your testimony?

Will you share it?

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